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With hot, dry, known as the Middle East, the ice and snow sports projects are not traditional advantages. But this did not weaken their enthusiasm for Beijing Winter Olympics.

Countdown, light show, painting exhibition ... A series of welcomes Winter Olympics is launched in the Middle East, some countries are the first time to send athletes "Expropriation".

Saudi: The first appearance

Saudi Alpine Ski Athlete Faik Abidi is the first in the history of the Gulf Arab countries and the only athletes who participate in the Winter Olympics. For Saudi, the summer temperature is as high as 50 degrees Celsius, Abidy's Winter Olympics "first show" makes the Saudi people proud.

Saudi Aerik Ayiki Di. (Picture of Saudi Olympic Committee Twitter account)

The Saudi Olympic Committee officially started to have a winter museum early in the United States; the Saudi Ambassador Lima Bentte Bandal, the princess, shared the ski video of the athlete in the social media, and wrote: "I am too created. Historical athletes are proud! "

Abdul Aziz, Chairman of the Saudi Sports Minister and the Olympic Committee, said: "Saudi will send the athletes to the Winter Olympics, we are proud of this."

Aziz praised China to be a sport country, sports strong country, and experienced large international sports events. "Saudi supports China to host Beijing Winter Olympics, I wish Beijing Winter Olympics a complete success," he said.

Lebanon: Winter Olympics

Compared with other Middle Eastern countries, Lebanon can be considered the "mobile visit" of the last winter Olympics. The Beijing Winter Olympics, Lebanon will send three athletes to participate in cross-country skiing and alpine ski project competitions.

On January 9, Lebanese ski teenager Eli Taoke was trained in the northern Buple Snow Snow, and prepared for the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Thanks to unique terrain and climate conditions, the skiing is presented in Lebanon since the 1930s, and is loved by Lebanese people. Lebanon's snow season is usually only 3 months. From the end of March, the second year, professional ski athletes are usually trained abroad.

Bet Ros Jahch, Chairman of the Lebanon Olympic Committee, said that the Olympic spirit is a common spiritual wealth of all humanity, and the Winter Olympics is the highest level of global ice and snow athletes. In the context of the epidemic, Beijing Winter Olympics will bring hope and joy to the people of the world.

Egypt: Light show Welcome Dongbo

Although Egypt did not send athletes to participate, but the enthusiasm of Beijing Winter Olympics is not inferior in other countries. On January 24th, when the Beijing Winter Olympics countd; the Caotta in the Egyptian capital staged a wonderful light show.

On January 24th, in Cairo, Egypt, Cairo showed the projection of "Beijing".

China, English, and Ansani "Beijing Winter Olympics" "Beijing 2022" "10 days after Beijing" and the text and patterns of the Beijing Winter Olympics emblem were released on the tower. When the powerful "Beijing see" 3 Chinese characters appeared in the tower of 187 meters, the tower sounded warmly.

At the launching ceremony of the light show, the Secretary-General of the Egyptian Olympic Committee, Sheriff Erian, talked to the Delegation of Egypt attended the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympics, and felt China's excellent event organizational skills. "Egypt is also actively forming some national teams of some Winter Olympics, I hope to appear on the Winter Olympics in the near future!" He said.

They like Winter Olympics

For Beijing Winter Olympics, many sports officials in the Middle East are full of expectations.

The President of the Iranian Olympic Committee, said that organizes ordered, discipline, and management have always been a characteristic of China's sports event. The Iranian sports community believes in China will hold a successful Winter Olympics. He emphasized that the Iranian sports world hopes to pass the philosophy of Winter Olympics in Beijing - sports should be independent of politics.

On January 25th, the "Hainuo Tag" in Beijing Winter Olympics is officially completed in Beijing Yanqing.

Sheriff Erian, secretary general of the Egyptian Olympic Committee, said that Egypt had sufficient reason to believe that Beijing Winter Olympics will become a sports event that gathers the ice and snow elites in all countries and promotes cultural blending.

Ali Otto, Chairman of the Turkish Ski Federation, said as a city that hosted a summer Olympics and held a winter Olympic Games, Beijing should be "loaded into history" and wish Beijing Winter Olympics a complete success.

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