The first winter Olympics of the Middle East, the desert country, the first winter Olympics

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In the eyes of the world, the Middle East is often connected to words such as hot, desert, arid, but the sun is not all in the Middle East. Some places in the Middle East will have a fantasy view of "Lingtou Yunzhi Cover, Rock, and Dust" in winter. At the four-year winter Olympics, the Middle East has never been absent. On the occasion of Beijing Winter Olympics, the central radio and television Taiwan reporters have densely visited the winter sports project training base. Interview is about to go to Beijing's Winter Olympics, take you to find the Middle East and the wonderful strange in the Middle East and Ice.

It is said that the most people think of the sun and the desert, and the facts are not big. But this is such a desert kingdom, but this year will send a high mountain ski athlete to the Beijing Winter Olympics. Not only that, he will also be the first athlete who participates in the Winter Olympics in the Gulf.

In order to express their encouragement, Saudi Wang Chu Muhammad Ben Saleman will also visit the opening ceremony of Beijing Winter Olympics. Before going to Beijing, Faik Abidi accepted exclusive interview with the Central Radio and Television Reporter, telling the story of his and Winter Olympics.

Abidi is 25 years old, I have just graduated from University in December 2021. When he first saw it, he also appeared. Due to the small abroad, Abidy's English is fluominous than Arabic. He told us that he began to learn ski with his family at a very small time, but because the parents often travel around the world until they did not do too many system training before the university, but only put the ski as their own hobby.

Four years old began in Lebanon skiing

Just ten months before the start of the Winter Olympics, Abidi learned about the news of Saudi in the social media athlete.

He hugged a test, and sent a ski video to the Saudi Winter Sports Federation. He didn't expect to have received a call. Recalling the mood at the time, Abidi still felt special excitement.

Can participate in Winter Olympics is crazy

Despite the guidance of the world's top coaches, it is not easy to improve the level in just a few months. There are seven athletes who have selected the winter Olympic training team in Abidi, and three of them have been treated with fractures in training, and a player exits. Time is tight, and the new champion has added a lot of pressure to their training. As long as one of the camps has a related symptom, all personnel must suspend training waiting for nucleic acid detection results.

Among the final qualifications, there were three Saudi Athletes to receive the Winter Olympic competition, but the Saudi Committee and the Winter Sports Federation were considering and evaluated, only Ahdi was in Beijing.

Abidi said that he is like this is the only survivor and winner in the war of ice and snow. He is proud of himself from his heart, and he also hopes to have more people to understand winter sports.

Coalver honor

When talking about the future, Abidi said seriously, he would like to become a professional ski athlete, but he also knows that he is compared with the top athlete, there is a big gap.

In the Winter Olympics in Beijing, Abidi only hopes that they can play a normal level, don't be affected by any other factors, enjoy the game, and enjoy Winter Olympics.

To the future together

At the end of the interview, he also expressed its blessings to Beijing Winter Olympics in Chinese and Al.

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