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"Ice Ribbon" dances Shenzhou earth, "Snow Ruyi" Live Wanli River ... One piece of Winter Olympics from blueprints from blueprints, industrial ruins and Winter Olympics, Winter Olympics and Capital Development Total Dance ... 2015 In July, Beijing and Zhangjiakou won the right to hold the 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabling Association, Beijing became the first Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics "Shuang Olympics" in the history of the Olympic Games. In the "Shuangyao City", there is such a team, they have been in the heart of the 2008 Summer Olympics, and they are going out and then go to the 2022 Winter Olympics, become a veritable "double Olympics". It is the "Double Olympic" electronic ticket team of China Aerospace Science and Technology Second Hospital.

14 years, from the hot summer to the far mountain

On July 13, 2001, the Chairman of the International Olympic Committee announced that Beijing won the right to host the 29th Summer Olympic Games in 2008! After seven years of preparation, 2 years of construction, more than a thousand aerospace science and technical personnel and engineering technicians jointly criticized, and the construction tasks of the Olympic security technology system represented by electronic ticketing systems are completed.

In 2008, the Beijing Olympic Games, China Aerospace Science and Technology Second Hospital, the second hospital, and their electronic ticket system realized "six first": the first large-scale successfully used electronic chip, deployment inspection system, greatly improved the Olympic ticket Safety prevention; the first time I embed an electronic chip in the Olympic tickets and documents, solve the fake tickets in the previous Olympic Games, false certificate; the first time I successfully implement the real name system in the Olympic Games, the Paralympic Games opened, ensuring the opening and closing Safety; the first successful realization of the authenticity of the 1/10 seconds, guarantees nearly 5 million passengers in all 10 million passengers in all events; the first time I realized the right Real-time monitoring of field information, for the commanders at all levels to control each security entrance admission, accurate command, rapid response, and provide timely and accurate decision-making basis; the first successful implementation of automatic inspection and real-time control of the loss tickets and documents Make sure people, certificates, tickets, and ensure the safety of Olympic venues.

"If you ask me, what is the most proud of the aerospace work in my more than ten years? I will tell you that I am fortunate to participate in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the security technology of the Paralympic Games. System Construction and Maintenance Work. "The project leader Cai Na told reporters.

After 14 years, Cai Na once again became a member of the 2022 Winter Olympics, and the difference is that this time, she is the leader of the "Shuang Olympics". 14 years of adhere to the initial heart, 14 years of hard work, this team is really as the outside world: can fight, win the battle.

Winter Olympics is a airbag, the more smooth, the more hidden, if there is a hand, the striker. This team only has a team of four people, it is necessary to complete the task that is difficult to complete in others: from the winning bidding winter Olympics, the team needs to complete the torch relay, staff, site in just 10 days. Tensicer's tens of thousands of personnel and thousands of trails of thousands of trails, logo design, data collection, data standardization processing, document production, human core association, document verification, and multi-zone linkage; Winter Olympics The ticket guarantee is involved in Beijing, Yanqing, Zhangjiakou, 11 closed-circular closed delivery areas and 1 closed-loop independent transfer area, team needs to fully coordinate technicians, protect personnel, some members even need to pass on the torch relay I ran more than three different regions within two days; the weather played an extremely important role in the Winter Olympics, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the Winter Olympics, the team needs to keep the staff and equipment in low temperature of 20 degrees.

14 years, from the shallots to the business backbone

In the summer of 2008, in the Beijing Olympic Games, the Olympic volunteers Liu Lei is busy nervous. His job is to use the electronic ticket system issued by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Second Hospital. As a freshman in Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Liu Lei witnessed the 2008 Beijing Olympic Chinese delegation, including the eight-gold, one silver, including the first gold, Liu Lei, I don't know, 6 years later, as a master's degree in software engineering. He graduated from graduate graduate, will become a member of the seventh hospital of China Aerospace Science and Technology, a R & D personnel of the Olympic electronic ticket system used 6 years ago.

"Whenever I look at these documents, every sign above, every symbol seems to be engraved with a responsibility, representing the initiative of the Aerospays vows 'Ping An Olympics'." Liu Lei said.

Time came to 2021, when Liu Lei learned that he would become a member of the Beijing Winter Olympics Torch relay electronic ticket system development team, he was excited. Recalling 14 years ago, he or a beginner in a software engineering area. Today, he has grown to become a team technical person in charge of the team's development process.

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