"Winter Olympics" took turns to China Mobile Mi Mi, carrying the drama, China Ice Year

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Winter Olympics is coming, the older is getting angry, and the film and television works around the ice and snow movements and the Spring Festival are coming. After the broadcast of "Winter Olympics" in the "Winter Olympics" in the "Winter Olympics" introduced in the evening of China Mobile, the other two "ice hockey teenagers" will be on January 30th. On February 1st, I will go online, China Mobile Magic and Baihe, through the blush youth and full of positive energy, and celebrate the New Year with the national audience by showing the bloody youth and the positive energy of the Ice Snow.

As the only network audio-visual work of the State Administration of Radio, Film, China, "Ice Hockey Teenager" tells the born a group of teenagers who have a bowel ball in the competition, and ultimately realize the dream, usher in the growth story, not only present. The dream of the youth is born, and the unlimited charm of the ice hockey movement will also show the public. The drama will be updated at 12 o'clock on Monday, on Sunday, on Monday, next week, 6, 6, 6, 6. The new generation of young actors Zhu Zheng Ting, Bai Her as the starring "Ice Hockey Teenager", how will it be diverted with different vitality teenagers? The two first cooperation will also collide how sparks are expected.

Unlike the "Ice Hockey Teenager" in sports competitive, will be on February 1 (New Year's Day) in Mi Mi video, China Mobile Magic Baihe online "home and everything", is a rich in Beijing Characteristics and The scene comedy. The drama takes the Beijing Winter Olympics as a big background and the story of the whole film, and the lens will give the lens to the ordinary and warm ordinary daily daily daily daily and warm, through the new era, "small house". The depth discussion of "Everyone" is transmitted to the positive outline and values. It is worth mentioning that this drama is director Ying Daxi, "I love my family", "I love my horses", then the heavy scene comedy, Cai Ming, Cao Yang and other major actors will also set off a wave of joy memories. Kill, accompany the audience to hilarious New Year.

From the "Winter Olympics" to "Ice Hockey Boy", "Home and Masterive", Mi Mi launched the "Winter Olympics" included the blood idol drama and the family of family, covering the old and young age, for Winter Olympics and the Chinese year have brought positive energy full of surprises. In addition, Mi Mi video will also go to the wonderful ice and snow drama variety of ice and snow, such as "Winter Olympics", interviewed athletes, coaches ", and help young ice and snow dreams. Ice Dream Group ", etc., provide a variety of content selection for the Spring Festival holiday of the audience.

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