South Korea Ouba and Western Uncle Xu Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics will feel?

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After 14 years, the world's vision is again gathered in China, and a snow feast is about to open. The success of the Winter Olympics and held in the history of Beijing became the first Shuangyao City in history.


In June 201, the US government announced the boycott of this Winter Olympics.

How do foreigners treat Beijing Winter Olympics? Phoenix Satellite TV and South Korea KBSN TV station jointly produced "Top View China - Winter Olympics", invited two foreign observers, approaching Beijing Winter Olympics, revealing behind the story.

Uncle Western - Yang Libo, from the next Winter Olympics held the country - Italy

Korea Ouka-Golden Actors from the previous Winter Olympics - South Korea

Follow their footsteps to walk into the Winter Olympics site, see what they will find in this explore ...

Purchase of winter

Walking into the Genting Ski Park

Yang Lihe, first stopped in Zhangjiakou, is located in Zhangjiakou, which is located in Chongli County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. The average temperature here is only 3.3 ° C, and the snow is more than 150 days, will be used as 2022. Winter Olympics, free-style ski competition venues.

Bunch of Genting Ski Park received two foreign observers and led them to visit the venue.

The Genting Ski Resort consists of half the true fall, half of the snow, and the winter Olympics is higher. We strictly abide by the requirements of each project to the snow quality, use the most advanced snow machine, and then mix natural snow and artificial snow. Each track is not the same, the time prepared will be different, the shortest need for half a month, the longest needs one and a half months.

There are six competitions in the Genting Ski Society, and there will be 20 gold medals here, and the Chinese team can strive for snow project gold medals basically concentrated in these six venues.

One Dun: I am too expensive, I believe that the Genting Ski Resort will stage a wonderful performance.

Yang Li: I feel that every winter is in the continuous development, and the development of Chongli also witnessed the strength of Beijing Winter Olympics.

Entroy Fulong

Learn ski to the world champion

Yang Lihe, the second station, came to the Fulong Ski Resort in the east side of Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City. They are very excited, because today they have to see a "mysterious figure" - Dan sister.

Guo Dandan, freestyle ski athlete, the first world champion in China's ski history. After retiring, she has been committed to promoting skiing, and persists in cultivating China's ski backup.

One Dun: You are the first world champion in China, what is the feelings?

Guo Dandan: It is actually very difficult, because China is relatively weak in the snow, especially in air skills. It was in Australia, they were the host, and the strength was also very strong, so the pressure was very large. However, there is a tough spirit in the Chinese bones, telling yourself that you can't give up, and finally, I will win myself, and win the championship with the best movements and the highest difficulty.

Guo Dandan as a member of the public mission of Beijing Winter Olympics, has been served on 98 schools, and advocates raising from dolls and cultivates their interests and skills in snow projects.

In addition, Guo Dandan has also become a referee of Beijing Winter Olympics, let us look forward to it!

Visit the masses

Work together to Beijing Winter Olympics

Yang Li: This time I came to Fulong because of the Winter Olympics?

Little sister: Yes, it is very rare opportunity, so I want to come over before the opening.

Yang Li: How many years are you slipping? Is it big here?

Little brother: We have slipped for almost 10 years. In this decade, the Chongli is basically the earth-shaped change - the completion of high-speed rail high-speed, perfective infrastructure. Because the country wants Winter Olympics, everyone's enthusiasm is over a year, and I am looking forward to the arrival of that day. I hope that Chinese athletes can achieve good results.

One Dun: Winter Olympics is particularly satisfied, encountered the world champion Dan sister, teach me to learn ski, I have seen many things that have never seen, such as unmanned high-speed rail, unmanned shop, I feel that China is very advanced in this regard and very intelligence.

Yang Li: Today is full of surprises, every moment is very special, next to Beijing, understand more interesting Winter Olympics.

To learn more about Beijing Winter Olympics

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