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On January 28, there was another week of opening the Winter Olympics in Beijing 2022. Publishing of a list, attracting attention -

Look at this list is not difficult to find, the guests attending the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics have a wide range of representative: from Africa to Latin America, all of Asia to Europe, as well as international organizations such as UN, WHO. In the big context of the global raging pneumonia epidemic, this list fully demonstrates the world's trust and support in China, and also tests the epidemic prevention and match in the face of complicated and severe situation.

From this unaveraged list, we read a few deeply.

"One to the future" appeal

The Olympics belongs to the world, and the Olympic Games is a full-man event. The Winter Olympics is the big event of the Chinese people, and the President Xi Jinping has always read it.

Beijing Winter Olympics is the first Winter Olympics held after the Olympic Motto, and the first Winter Olympics, which is also held in the new crown pneumonia, the first global comprehensive sports event.

For the special meaning of the Winter Olympics, President Xi Jinping met on January 25th and the President of the International Olympic Committee met, the "more unity" advocated by the Olympic Sports is the most needed today. All countries in the world are not as good as in more than 190 boats, and we have a better future, so we propose "the" one to the future ". Winter Olympics slogan.

"Let" - sincere Winter Olympics, give people warm and strength; "Future" - to hurt the expectations and dreams, which promotes people from rushing and working together.

"Let's go to the future", not only reflect unity, friendship, progressive Olympic value concept, but also reflects a world feeling of China's claims and its world feelings: Watching help with people of all countries to create a better future.

In fact, around the Beijing Winter Olympics, there is no lack of fighting and contest. On the one exide, it is actively affirming that China's "main melody" contributed to the Olympic career. I hope that Beijing Winter Olympics will be successfully held, support the world's cooperation to deal with the crisis, go to better tomorrow; other side, minority politicians create "murmurs" from time to time, The so-called "human rights issue" is an excuse, and the drum noisy does not send government officials to attend the Beijing Winter Olympics.

It should be the old saying of China - "Delivery to more help, loss of loss". Individual countries are discredient, boycotting and interference Winter Olympics is moving in the trend of history, they will not be human, destined to bankrupt, and oppose the universal voice of sports politics into the international community.

On January 25th, President Xi Jinping hosted China's 30th anniversary of China's five countries, and the head of Central Asia said in the summit. The enthusiasm of the opening ceremony of Beijing Winter Olympics, expressed their for Beijing Winter Olympics. Will support. From the list released today, the five states are listed in their columns.

More united, it is the voice of the Olympic family, and the voice of the people of the world.

"Trust Ticket" for Security Olympics

"Well, Beijing Winter Olympics, Winter Disabled Olympics is a big event in the party and the country, is our solemn commitment to the international community." The presquay of Winter Olympics, President Xi Jinping has always attached great importance to it.

Revise the promise, China's consistent style.

Under the context of the global epidemic, the Winter Olympians did not break, the strength did not weakened, the standard did not decrease. After more than 6 years, the preparations for Beijing Winter Olympics are already ready, so that they will be held as scheduled.

In the face of the challenge of the epidemic, the Beijing Winter Olympics can be held in schedule, fully demonstrate the image and service of China's resignation.

At the moment, Otcock is still spread globally, but China has confidence and has the ability to do. The International Olympic Committee, the International Disability Olympic Committee and Beijing Winter Olympics committee have released two editions of "Epidemic Handbook", in accordance with the "Epidemic Prevention Manual", strictly implement various prevention and control measures, do the utmost to prevent epidemic from occurring, ensure Participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics, all staff of the Winter Disabled Association.

At the same time, China's prevailing, perseverance, actively contributing to the global cultural cooperation - the earliest commitment to use new crown vaccines as global public products, support vaccine intellectual prevention, initiate "all road" vaccine partnership initiatives ...

Thousands of people are concentric, they have a thousand people's power; there is no one.

For China's contribution to the global cultural affairing cooperation and the proposed initiative, more and more countries give positive evaluation and high recognition.

On January 25th, when I met with President Tame, Bakh expressed their admiration, and said "I believe that" the strong measures taken in China will ensure the safety, smooth and successful "of this Winter Olympics."

On the same day, President Xi Jinping announced a series of major measures to strengthen the cultural affected cooperation with Central Asian countries in the 30th anniversary of China 's five countries in China, and the leaders of the five countries said that the Chinese to overcome the difficulties of the epidemic successfully held Beijing as scheduled. Beijing Winter Olympics will have to bring more confidence and hope to the world.

The epidemic is like a ruler, measures the governance ability and governance level. Multi-country political and international organizations come to China to attend the opening ceremony of Beijing Winter Olympics, which is both a positive affirmation of China's anti-vulcancing results, but also reflects confidence in the safety of Beijing Winter Olympics.

Physical education is the affinity of "media"

Chairman Xi Jinping has deeply pointed out: "Sports can not only improve the people's health level, but also promote the people of all countries to understand each other and friendship. Unity, friendship, peaceful Olympic spirit in China deep into the hearts of people."

Sports is a common language in all mankind. From the "Ping Pong Diploma" loaded into the history book, the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games is jointly admitted to Han, and the sports plays an important role in the process of building different countries, different ethnic communication and dialogue bridges.

All along, President Xi Jinping used sports to help the country, the people, the people, and spare no effort to promote the development of the Olympic movement.

In February 2014, when the Spring Festival, Chairman Xi Jinping went to Russia, attended the opening ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympics, and created the head of China's state-sized international sports events attended by China;

In 2017, the first visit was the first time in the New Year, and Chairman Xi Jinping came to "European Roof" Switzerland, and his special trip visited the International Olympic Committee headquartered in Lausanne. Bach said that this "historic" visit once again confirmed the long-term good cooperative relationship between China and the International Olympic Committee, reflecting the President President 's Personal Value and the Development of Sports Development.

Beijing Winter Olympics is about to open. This ice and snow event will showcase Chinese culture and Olympic cultural interactions on Chinese culture and Olympic culture, China and the world civilization exchanges.

"I and hundreds of millions of Chinese people, welcome friends around the world, meet in Beijing! Welcome to you, welcome friends!" At the closing ceremony of Pingchang Winter Olympics in 2018, Chairman Xi Jinping sent a sincere invitation to the whole world.

The footsteps of Beijing Winter Olympics are getting closer, and the enthusiasm of the international community has ignited.

Come on, "Let's go to the future"!

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