Multinational political parties to express confidence and expectations on Beijing Winter Olympics

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Recently, the world's multi-party political parties have expressed their high appreciation to the China Communist Party, the Chinese government and the people in different ways, the huge efforts of the Chinese Communist Party, the Chinese government and the people are worthy of high appreciation, and believe that China will give a simple, safe, Wonderful Winter Olympics, I wish the Beijing Winter Olympics a complete success.

The Russian Federation of Communists said that the Beijing Winter Olympics will be a global sports event that practice the Olympic concept, reflects fair competition and promoting humanitarian spirit. We call on countries, all athletes, and all sports associations to support the principles of Olympic movement, and resolutely oppose the means of politics as a political struggle.

Chairman of the People's Party of the Mongolia, the government Prime Minister Obudin said that the Winter Olympics is a full-human sports festival. He will attend the Winter Olympics related activities in the future. Mongolian firmly supports China to host the Beijing Winter Olympics, I hope to join hands with Chinese to welcome the Winter Olympics.

Pakistan Mu Leo (Xie) senior leader, Chairman Mushashid, Chairman of the Senate Defense Committee, said that Beijing Winter Olympics will be one of the most successful Olympics in history, from the world's sports, in the same field, reflecting the country Friendship, especially this Winter Olympics, China's Year of the Tiger, I believe that the Winter Olympics will increase more holiday atmosphere.

Petrock, Chairman of the Turkish Patriotism, said that although Beijing Winter Olympics is held in ice and snow, we think it is warm. China will have a traditional hospitality of the hospital for thousands of years, and the warm brothers of the people and athletes around the world can melt the ice. At the Winter Olympics, as long as we challenge yourself, respect your opponents, fight together, is the champion.

Palestinian People's Fighting Political Bureau, member of the Political Bureau of the National Relationship, said the Political Bureau of the Political Bureau, said in the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, under the leadership of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Xi Jinping, Beijing Winter Olympics All preparations have developed scientific, precision, and detailed solutions in terms of epidemic prevention and control, security arrangements. With the successful experience of the 2008 Olympic Games, China will have a wonderful Winter Olympics in the world.

Congo (Gold) Strive to Rebuild and Democratic People's Party Politburo, the representative of the Democratic People's Representative, said that the Winter Olympics will will promote the exchange of cooperation between the people of all countries, build a more peaceful and beautiful world, and also provide global open development More opportunities to promote global cooperation.

Assassin, Director, Director of Peace and Security Research Institute, said that Beijing Winter Olympics is of great significance to promoting world peace, cooperation, unity and friendship. China is the world-famous focus, not only because of the Winter Olympics, but also because China has created fate and a good future for all mankind, the world has established a glorious example.

The Communist Party of Peru (Unity), Pillar Nu Eva, said that the Chinese people overcome new coronal pneumonia epidemic, open your arms welcome the arrival of world sports athletes. The Communist Party of Peru (unity) opposes the narrow way to attempt to politicize the important international event, and believe that the Chinese people will promote unity and world peace through sports global common language.

French unity and progress party Chairman Schomin said that Beijing Winter Olympics will be a world-famous sports event, thanking Beijing to organize the work of Winter Olympics, bless sports athletes to participate under the best conditions. Good results in a friendly atmosphere.

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