A wonderful future in "Winter Olympics"

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Original title: Achieving wonderful future in "Winter Olympics"

Time and struggle have not stopped. With a Rui Xue, in 2022, Beijing Winter Olympics will be closer to us. In the first line of Dongao volunteer service, in the campus of Dajiang North, the enthusiasm of "Winter Olympics has me" in the Campus of Dajiang. In this Winter Olympics, China will show the world to the world, rich, open, and hopeful countries; the youth is bright to the wonderful future, personal dreams are closely attached to the atrial balm.

Hosting a wonderful, extraordinary, excellent Winter Olympics is the commitment to China. What is this promise behind? If you turn your eyes to the tightly orderly preparation site, you can't ignore the communication bridges of college students with professional and focus. They show great figures with a meticulous, excellent language service, even if they are busy. Turn your eyes to the campus of the north and south of the north and south, "cold ice" has become the "hot sports" and "hot air" training scene, cheers, laughter, and drink. Especially in the south of the ice, the children love the ice and snow in the winter, touch more possible. Put the sight to the fluttering party, "Ice and Snow III" is a large color, highlighting the extraordinary significance of Winter Olympics.

Write a new chapter in the new era of the Diko. The history will be engaged in this pen, and the world will have a new understanding of China's road. If you get into this beautiful event, every teenager will feel the charm of sports, the power of the country, the power of dreams, and touch the same frequency resonance from the future of the motherland. "To the future" is more than just a slogan, but also the "concentric circle" of youth students. The power of education is to let teenagers see that the wonderful future is strivinging them, and the beautiful world will be created by them today!

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