Beijing Winter Olympics: Beijing Winter Olympics closed there is no epidemic transmission

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At 11 o'clock on January 29, the "Beijing Winter Olympics epidemic prevention and control" theme media blowing held in the main press release hall of the main news center of Beijing Winter Olympics (Li Spring Hall).

Huang Chun, deputy director of the Epidemic Prevention and Control Office of Beijing Winter Olympics, said that in the last two days, with the increase in the number of people involved in the Olympic personnel, "this is expected, it is estimated in advance. Overall The proportion of immigration customs (detecting positive) is relatively high, but the dissemination and morbidity in closed-loop is still relatively low. "Huang Chun emphasized that last year's international testing, and the practice prove on this year from 4 to 22 this year The effect of isolating the diagnosed case and secrets in accordance with the epidemic prevention manual is very good.

Huang Chun said: "According to I understand, there are many positive personnel, secret, time limit, can smoothly disseahavize, normal work. Recently, we have related adjustments to positive and adaptive relevant management measures, focus on the preliminary practice After the experts were engraved, many immigrants were discovered by those who had been infected or replenished. They had a very low infectivity. "He further said that the management time limit for the diagnosis of cases in closed-loop was 14 days stipulated by the epidemic prevention manual Adjusting to 7 days, "This adjustment is based on the former practice. More importantly, we have strict closed-loop management and daily nucleic acid detection, so we have confidence to ensure safety. This is the normal operation of the game, Ensure that the epidemic prevention and control is safe, it can be said that a best balance point has been found. "

Huang Chun said that the overall epidemic prevention results of Beijing Winter Olympics is good. There is no epidemic in the closed-loop. "I have to emphasize here is that the epidemic prevention manual is every participating athlete, other stakeholders, and Chinese staff must implement it. Only in this way ensures smooth progress of the Beijing Winter Olympics. As long as everyone complies with the epidemic prevention manual, I am very confident that the event is safe and smooth. "

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