Beijing Winter Olympics manipulates the nucleic acid results of the athletes, affecting the competition?Official response: Never

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On January 29th, the Beijing Winter Olympics epidemic prevention and control media blowing will be held in the main press release hall of Beijing Winter Olympics (Li Spring Hall). For overseas media concerned whether the Beijing Winter Olympics will manipulate the nucleic acid test results, the reports affecting the athletes come to China, Huang Chun, deputy director of the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee, responded, we don't have to do this.

Huang Chun introduced that our nucleic acid detection method is recognized by the World Health Organization, and has been jointly determined by the International Olympic Committee and Chinese and foreign medical experts. The laboratory we are engaged in the nucleic acid detection of the Winter Olympics is identified by the National Health Department, with standard operating procedures, complete quality systems, and complete biological security systems. Our testing reagents and equipment are in line with world standards, and they are subject to qualifications through the Chinese drug supervision department. Huang Chun emphasized that the sampling personnel of Beijing Winter Olympics must be strict training and have medical professional background. In response to the Beijing Winter Olympics related to China, if the first test result is positive, it is necessary to make a re-examination to confirm the authenticity of the results. Athletes and other people who come to Hua participate in the Winter Olympics don't have to worry about testing authenticity. Receptionist Bryan Macloski added: "At present, the entire test process is very good, follow the international standards and the corresponding guidelines for the World Health Organization. In addition, we also have medical expert groups, including international and Chinese top Medical experts, we regularly evaluate the corresponding laboratories to understand what they have detected. "

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