Beijing Winter Olympics Overseas Chinese Competition Volunteer: Winter Olympics, I don't want to miss it.

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2022 Beijing Winter Olympics opens. Indonesian Chinese students from Beijing University of Science and Technology, Xie Huishan, who were selected as volunteers in Beijing Winter Olympics.

The cultural blood of "Chinese children" calls her. The crocodile, the tropical "trunk", the frogs in the small river and the sound of the waves, and the sound of Xie Huishan's hometown is hidden. Later, she was studying in Chongqing. In the crowded crowd, she saw a lot of unforgettable Olympics from the big screen. Later, she came to the Olympic Games - Beijing, Snowflakes from this "Shuangbo City" falling over, in front of her eyes and a vast world.

With Xie Huishan, I greet this snow, and 27 students studying in Beijing colleges and universities. They are from 14 countries such as the United States, Britain, Japan, Brazil, Malaysia. At 8 schools such as Peking University, Tsinghua University will provide 10 Beijing Winter Olympics venues such as "Bird's Nest" "Ice Cube" "Ice Ribbon". volunteer service.

They have a common name - Beijing Winter Olympics Overseas Chinese Competition Volunteers.

Starting point of dream

The distant Indonesian Sikari-Dan, She Huishan lived in Chinatown. There is no two hometown in the south of China, the Dragon Boat Festival, the dragon boat, the bucket, the Mid-Autumn Festival, eat moon cake. There is also a reunion dinner on New Year's Eve, always put the whole fish, meaning "more than a year"; a firecracker in the first year, give the elders, each households put a pot of plum blossoms, hung up gold coins and red envelopes.

Xie Huishan is three generations of immigrants. At Indonesia, a family is only a guest dialect, and it will not speak Mandarin. Her parents never have returned China, and they won't write Chinese characters. Just arrived in China, everything has to learn from the beginning.

"It is very difficult, I have been making up the test in the first two years." Recalling in the undergraduate experience of reading the news department in Chongqing Normal University, She Huishan will still sigh. Adapt to the language, adapt to the weather, but also adapt to Chongqing dialect that the teacher suddenly brought out when the teacher lecture. She is always more than some of the time to spend several times, winter vacation, summer vacation is also used to learn. That is in 2006, the network is not very developed, and the learning content can only be remembered. When the exam is tight, you will get up to review in the morning.

However, the University of the University, gave Xie Huishan left a flash memory, and also buried the desire to participate in the Olympics in her heart.

In the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, there is a melody of "Beijing Welcome to you", Xie Huishan and the students squeezed in front of the library, "Good spectacular, feel that grand, great feeling. Look When the students call, I also followed the lively. "Far in Chongqing, Xie Huishan can't participate in the Olympic event, then, she is thinking, when can I have the opportunity to participate?

Today, Xie Huishan, who is studying in Beijing, and the Winter Olympics. For her, this is "the opportunity to miss".

"Dream is to achieve"

In addition to Xie Huishan, participate in this Winter Olympics volunteer service, and 27 students studying in Beijing colleges and universities.

Yang Wei, who is studying himself, is very fortunate, during the Beijing Winter Olympics, the volunteer students of Beijing University of Science and Technology will provide volunteer services in Wukesong Ice Hall.

A four-corner venue is divided into a guard area, a central and off-region, and a four-week wall. Standing on the ice hockey court, Yang Wei is familiar. He started to play ice from the age of seven or eight, usually, he will stand in front of the team, it is an offensive, skate skate skates, accelerates sliding, turns, pass, shot, score.

Yang Wei's father is from Shanxi, and the mother is a Chongqing. They have studied a master's degree in the United States and settled in New Jersey. Yang Wei is in the old United States. It is not the same as those around people, and the door of Yang Weist is always holding lanterns. Every year, parents have to take Yang Wei and your brother to Chinatown, and lively with Chinese friends. There is a golden dance dragon dance on the street, "" Special Chinese feeling. "

After receiving the information of the Winter Olympics volunteers, the international students opened the computer, starting from the opening ceremony, and watched the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He felt that there was a place to move, and many of them were born.

He likes to stay in China, here, there is nothing different from people around you. When I returned to China, his Chinese level was taken at level 6 and it is the highest level. And three years have passed, how many years, Spanish, have already been forgotten.

When the Beijing Olympic Games held, Yan Guanhao was in the summer vacation. He and his grandmother saw the opening ceremony in the Guangdong Jiangmen hometown. The TV screen was slowly opened. The gorgeous fireworks rose from the nest, and the night was shining as white.

After the Olympics, he came to Beijing with his father. In the Bird's Nest, the water cube turned. He wants, when can I go to the Olympic Games to see? Today, dreams will soon be implemented.

"Winter Olympics"

As a victims of the game, in addition to understanding all kinds of competition projects in the Winter Olympics, we must master the etiquette customs and medical emergency knowledge on the field.

Yan Guanhao will be responsible for the entertainment work in the national reporter in the Shougang ski. He and other volunteers in the school participated in the training course carried out by the Winter Olympics, in the morning, volunteers learned etiquette, medical, disabled people's help and other basic knowledge, in the afternoon, they carry out practical exercises, by Professional teachers lead the accidents that mimics the Winter Olympics.

Yan Guanhao remembers the customs and etiquette of each country, "Because we will deal with reporters of various countries, it is especially important for us to familiarize us. For example, when you see Thailand, we can do ten hands. He asked, this will feel kind. "In addition, the volunteers' training courses also cover project settings, basic knowledge, cultural life knowledge, legal common sense, volunteer service, mental knowledge and skills. . For example, don't take the initiative when facing the Winter Disabled Olympics, in helping each other, ask: Do you need help?

For the requirements for the prevention and control of the epidemic, volunteers often use a special gesture instead of shaking hands, hug, right hand, unknown finger, and stick the palm of the palm. This gesture is called "Winter Olympics."

Become a final step of a qualified volunteer, it is to pass a strict answering question assessment, the content covers the daily use of English, relevant regulations, venues distribution, cardiopulmonary recovery and some medical emergency knowledge. After nearly a month training, 28 Beijing Winter Olympics Overseas Chinese Competition volunteers are full of confidence.

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